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Dystopian Atmosphere – Directed by Jaroslav Moravec

Dystopian is a Berlin based record label, booking agency and events company. They’re a collective of creatives that have so far released music from Rødhåd, Recondite and Alex.Do. They also manage bookings for the likes of Vril of Giegling, Kr!z and Ø [Phase] and many more.

Today Dystopian celebrate the launch of their new website by premiering Dystopian Atmoshere video directed by our own in-house videographer Jaroslav Moravec. We also sent over a few questions to Dystopian founders to discover more about the collective.


What is Dystopian?

We are dystopian. A collective of people, a network of ideas, a symbol of the future of our society.

Tell me about your background and interest in electronic music?

We want to work in the way of a network: there is no pressure. We try to help and to support. On the one hand, we have our label for artists that are connected to us. We also have our bookings department where we help artists we know and respect.

There’s so much great music out there from these artists, but they are only released on a handful of labels. It’s unbelievable: acid, house, techno, industrial, d&b, pop, ambient, dub… it’s always amazing to see how music can connect so many different artists. That’s our interest.

What is your objective with the label and events programme?

In 2009 we had the feeling there is space for these kind of events for this kind of music. We have no goal…we just go with the flow. Like everything, it will end, and like everything, it begins again.

How did you first meet Rødhåd and Recondite and come to release records by them? What forthcoming releases do you have scheduled for the label?

They were just standing there in the middle of the room…

We have some releases on our own label Dystopian (EPs out by Alex.Do and Distant  Echoes, as well a sampler coming end of the year). Also our friends from Token are releasing a huge compilation in October / November with loads of good stuff.

Mojuba, the label of Don Williams, is busier than ever. The guys around Giegling and the mastermind Vril himself are also releasing some nice stuff this year.

In terms of Recondite, he’s releasing some new tracks over the next couple of months.

Can you tell me about the video we are premiering – how does it represent Dystopian and what do you want the viewer to take from the video?

We love the work of Jaroslav Moravec and wanted to do something with him. So the idea came to do a little teaser video for our new website.

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