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Evelyn delivers a transfixing mix for Newtype Rhythms

Another week, another edition of our sister mix series – this time with little haste to what awaits. This week’s episode of Newtype Rhythms features an enticing, hypnotic mix from New York-based artist Evelyn – a burgeoning presence on-and-off the decks, as she prepares her forthcoming single “Entry Plug (The Heart)” for release on Durham-based imprint Maison Fauna.

We can wax poetic about how immaculately crafted this week’s mix is, but our guest selector described it eloquently as such: “Evelyn is normally the type to explore ethereality and transcendence, but this mix is aimed straight at the dancefloor – just over an hour-fifteen of pure energy, weaving funky techno and organic house into a deeply warm and emotional tapestry of groove.”

Evelyn’s mix starts at 38 minutes in, with resident Sheepshead warming things up per usual. No track list for this episode, but timestamps below for further info.


00:00 – 38:10 – Mixed by Sheepshead

38:30 – END – Mixed by Evelyn