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Farr Festival x Inverted Audio: Into The Woods with Olaf Stuut

Dutch producer Olaf Stuut is an auditory craftsman producing unclassifiable music, taking you on compelling journeys and tonal adventures. Initially known for his work with artists like The Acid, Max Cooper and Tonik Ensemble, Stuut has built a strong following in his native city of Amsterdam.

Connected to many influences, his music reflects his fascination and admiration for instruments of all sorts and kinds. He loves telling stories with challenging harmonies, contemporary percussions and deep emotional vibes.

Following the release of his new album “Run” on AtomnationStuut’s manifold musical interests reveal a voracious fascination for music of all sorts – whether made on a computer or performed with organic instruments. As such, his synthetic textures on ‘Run’ are playful. He can warp a synthesiser to create faux natural sounding overtones and undertones, making it sound like an acoustic instrument.

Like most artists Olaf has a musical background in all genres of electronic formations. Playing multiple instruments has now made him the versatile and dedicated producer he is taking inspiration from a wide spectrum of genres like jazz, funk and rock music.

Ahead of his performance at Farr Festival on Saturday 16th July we invited Olaf to contribute the final podcast before Farr kicks off this week. Olaf’s mix features tracks from Lawrence, Fred P, Aera, Stimming, Caribou, DJ Koze and more.

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1. Lawrence – Tensui
2. Fred P – Reap Love
3. Aera – Krystal Close
4. John Tejada – Integrator
5. Maribou State ft. Pedestrian – The Clown (Axel Boman Remix)
6. Stimming – Saibot
7. Jim Cassady & Pablo – Selchower
8. Olaf Stuut – Extended Travels
9. Gacha Bakradze – Can
10. Caribou – Sun (Ryan Davis Re-Think)
11. DJ Koze & Jamie XX – Come We Go
12. Jackmate & Nik Reiff – Pacemaker
13. Bambook ft Jennie A – The Storm (The Drifter Remix)
14. Kasper Bjorke & Abstraxion – Origami

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