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FTD (From The Depths) announce debut release by Lutto Lento

Charles Drakeford’s fresh new outlet FTD – alias From The Depths – is set to release its first record on 10th November. FTD001 is the work of Polish producer Lutto Lento, a record that’s in fact a compilation of five tracks taken from two of his previously self-released tapes, re-mastered and brought to vinyl format for the very first time. Sample-heavy material, multi-layered cut and paste goodness all the way.

No doubt that this release will help shine a light on a producer who definitely deserves to widen his audience. Yield to the temptation, FTD001 is an exciting first installment.



A1. I Remember I Was Dreaming
A2. Sirena
A3. Gipsi Sam
B1. Prima Porta
B2. The Boat Can Leave Now

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