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Futurepast initiate Planetary Boundaries t-shirt campaign to spotlight climate emergency

Berlin-based explorative techno label Futurepast have launched a t-shirt campaign in order to raise awareness of the perilous state of climate emergency we are now faced with.

Initiated by Davy Vandegaer, Futurepast have created six different t-shirt designs for the Planetary Boundaries campaign, each featuring handprinted Futurepast cover artwork and images of the natural world.

“We wanted to celebrate the return to the dancefloors but it was impossible to do it without a clear position on the ecological stakes we are facing. As much as we’re thrilled to go back raving, we feel the urge of spreading the word about the state of emergency we’re now living in. Electronic music is rooted in the technical world but bears a primitive energy that should lead us all towards a renewed attention to the gifts of nature.”

To minimise wastage, manufacturing of the t-shirts will commence once the campaign has ended. Additionally, 15% of the profits will be donated to the Rainforest Trust, a charity that protects the most threatened tropical forests and ecosystems in the world and saving endangered wildlife through partnerships and community engagement. Orders end Friday 6 August 2021.

Art Direction by Leandra Rollo
Graphic Design by Manuela Jiménez de Aréchaga
Photography by Davy Vandegaer, PVW

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