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Premiere: Pillow Queen & Ruin – She’s Hot Magic

Next up on Vancouver’s Isla record label is ‘Calling Me‘ EP by Pillow Queen, a somewhat secretive alias masking a collaborative alias of D. Tiffany alongside Vani-T, with prior releases from the pair landing on Berlin labels Delicate and Radiant Love.

Isla’s past connections with D.Tiffany are myriad: operated by Daniel Rincon, who makes music as Ambien Baby with D.Tiffany, the label houses early exports of that collaboration (as well as some of D.Tiffany’s early works), with the label taking a general focus on modernised takes on psychedelic 90’s dance music: fun, energetic and colourful, fusing trance-esque rhythms with breaks for pure dancefloor rocket fuel.

On ‘Calling Me‘, Pillow Queen are joined by writer and sex worker Ruin, who lends her voice to the three tracks on the EP. Her self-empowering mantras of love and strength are a perfect addition to the instrumentals, with closing piece ‘She’s Hot Magic‘ centering the attention on Ruin’s teachings on the EP perhaps more than any other.

Ruin’s messages of unity and acceptance land like modernised readings from the book of 90’s euphoric love, and when matched with Pillow Queen’s irresistable rhythms create a longform trance masterwork for today’s clubs. Enigmatic, sensual and uplifting, ‘She’s Hot Magic‘ is the embodiment of open-minded, open-hearted dance music today, the reflection of a surging tide of dancefloor optimism married with a cognisance of social issues and partnerships between previously underrepresented or devalued communities, here raised to glorious heights.

‘Calling Me EP’ is scheduled for release 28 July via Isla. Order a copy from Bandcamp


1. Calling Me
2. Tunnel Vision
3. She’s Hot Magic