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Igor Tipura

Taking control of our podcast series this week, the Kitjen honcho steps up with a refreshing one-hour mix of beaming deep house, didgeridoo-heavy techno, cosmic funk and African polyrhythms. We also went for a quick fire chat to discuss the label’s raison d’être, his work as a producer and further plans for the future.

Premiere: XXXV Gold Fingers – Galegos

Today we’re proud to stream XXXV Gold Fingers ‘Galegos’ in full, an effusive groover deploying a relentless drive of peppy bongos, interspersed with fuzzy organ stabs, African folk vocals and dopey synthlines rising from the deep basket like a charmed snake. Move and groove!

Nu Guinea: The Tony Allen Experiments

Extending the wide-ranging savoir faire of illustrious afrobeat pulse-machine Tony Allen with a fresh blend of retro-laced and path-clearing vision, Nu Guinea’s debut long-player stands as an original creation in its own right.