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Premiere: XXXV Gold Fingers – Galegos

Stepping up for What Ever Not tenth record, label co-founder Dan Mela teams up with Common Series Ltd honcho Marco Erroi aka GoldFinger for an infectious split melding the finest of tribal rhythms and classic house tropes.

Christening his new Man Dela moniker on ‘The Ritual‘ flip side, Mela delivers a spaced-out funk brew, supported by a deep, hypnotic revamp from Muscovite producer Anton Zap. On the A side, the vibe’s much more fruity, combining syncopated afrobeat percussions, off-key riffs and spellbinding synth modulations for a jubilant Summery celebration.

Today we’re proud to stream XXXV Gold Fingers ‘Galegos‘ in full, an effusive groover deploying a relentless drive of peppy bongos, interspersed with fuzzy organ stabs, African folk vocals and dopey synthlines rising from the deep basket like a charmed snake. Move and groove!

Galegos Bar / The Ritual EP is released on June 13th, pre-order a vinyl copy from Juno.


A1. XXXV Gold Fingers – Portobello
A2. XXXV Gold Fingers – Galegos
A3. XXXV Gold Fingers – Africanism
B1. Man Dela – The Ritual
B2. Man Dela – The Ritual (Anton Zap remix)

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