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Ghostly International team up with Analogue to soundtrack limited edition Super NT

Ghostly International have teamed up with Seattle-based tech company Analogue to create a limited edition aftermarket Super Nintendo, complete with seven custom startup sounds composed by Christopher Willits, Gold Panda, Mary Lattimore, Shigeto, Tadd Mullinix, Ouri, and Telefon Tel Aviv.

Inspired by the design of the original SNES system, they’ve engineered it with a field-programmable gate array and 8BitDo hardware, meaning you can play your original 2,200+ SNES and Super Famicom game cartridges on your modern 1080p setup (HDMI /48KHz 16 bit). Each limited edition set includes a matching white SN30 and Retro Receiver in a limited edition box

‘Ghostly x Analogue Super Nt’ is on sale now for $249.99 and is limited to just 1000 units. Get yours from Ghostly.

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