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Marlon Hoffstadt celebrates two-part 12″ release with Kowton & DMX Krew at Wilde Renate

Following our track premiere last week, Marlon Hoffstadt will celebrate the release of his two-part “Law Of Attraction” on Saturday 8th December in Berlin at the final Savour The Moment party of the year at  alongside a crew of likeminded friends and special guests Kowton and DMX Krew.

Comprised of two extended players worth of material, “Law Of Attraction” journeys between diverse moods and varied tempos, nonetheless forming a cohesive statement that’s marked by a sense of expansion and depth, building cavernous, echo-filled spaces from vaporous reverb.

Joining him across the four-floor club is Bristol-based bass explorer Kowton, who has released extensively on Livity Sound plus Idle Hands, Whities and Hessle Audio. Former Rephlex producer DMX Krew is set to play a thrashing intergalactic deejay set and additional DJ support arrives courtesy of Meggy, Gigsta, Neinzer, Natureboy Gold, Frag Maddin, Mo Chan, Philipp Schultheis and Haunter Records producer Broshuda. Christmas has come early!

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