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Map.ache delivers the ninth mix for Giegling

Following the release of his album ‘Vom Ende bis zum Anfang’ last month, Map.ache steps up to deliver the ninth edition of the Giegling mix series.

At 50:57 minutes in length, Jan Barich’s mix contribution is titled ‘Leaving‘ and features tracks written and produced by the Leipzig-based producer. The mix also features three tracks released via his own KANN imprint, plus a track from Emanuele Errante, first published via Karaoke Kalke in 2011. Download the mix here.


1. Arruve
2. Clouds Over Clowns
3. Errante
4. Carnival
5. Salus
6. Friden
7. Moment Of Youth
8. Copy Love
9. Seis
10, Give Peace A Change
11. You R The Bonus
12. Interlude
13. Happy Birthday

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