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GiGi FM unveils debut album ‘Kiwi Synthesis Diary 21k’

GiGi FM unveils her first foray into production with the release of her debut album ‘Kiwi Synthesis Diary 21k‘.

Having performed at our 12 Year Anniversary at ÆDEN in September, we are delighted that Giulia is now stepping up to unleash her experimentations – adding that this body of music is “a glimpse into my heart.”

Spanning 7 tracks, ‘Kiwi Synthesis Diary 21k‘ submerges listeners into a saturated world of ambient etchings and smoked out rhythms. It’s certainly not aimed for the dancefloor, more for pensive reflection and meditation.

“Anyone very close to me will know that Kiwi is my happy word. Try to say KIWI without smiling. Kiwi gets me out of the darkness and reminds me, always, that in the depth there is light. Kiwi Synthesis Diary 21k was born as I stopped writing in my actual diary and instead, used Ableton to document and record my thoughts, feelings and dreams.”

“Through Kiwi Synthesis Diary 21k, I hope you experience the blurry intersection between living and dreaming with me. I hope we translate perceptions of everyday realities together, find comfort in our bodies, vulnerability of our bodies, tameness, wilderness, travelling together to different realms and explore the depth of introspection.”

‘Kiwi Synthesis Diary 21k’ is scheduled for release 25 November. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Planet Kikuta
2. Allium Christophii
3. Alien Under Your Feet
5. 2121 (Glitch In The Matrix)
6. Rosé (Louise)
7. Heart In My Mouth