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Premiere: Farren Laen – Leave Me Now

Farren Laen‘s ‘This World’ was one our Best Extended Player’s of 2020. So it is good to see a follow up by the Canadian artist, returning with no let up in quality across a trio of tracks on the ‘To Will One Thing’ EP.

As is the emerging motif with the region’s sound in recent years, there is a free spirit in embracing influences – deep house is the anchor, but acidic flecks and hypnotic progressive flecks adorn ‘Reality‘, and ‘Wonder, Wander‘ breaks up its beats and weaves in a woozy trance hook to deliciously juxtapose.

Our premiere ‘Leave Me Now‘ has that Levon Vincent-esque knack of taking elements that feel like they have been ripped by hand from the synthesiser, letting their rawness breathe and infuse, slowly and deliberately. Through careful stage management, you’ll latch onto accordion style chords, languid bongos, urging repeated vocals and trippy arpeggios, as if each were a dish being placed onto a sushi conveyor.

‘To Will One Thing’ is scheduled for release 3 December via Laen Disc. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Reality
2. Leave Me Now
3. Wonder, Wander