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Premiere: Alex Wilcox – BOO.

Mama Told Ya, the techno/dancefloor label par excellence from French DJ and Producer Anetha, prepares “It’s okay to cry”, an EP from new label signee Alex Wilcox.

With a back catalogue including ‘floor destroyers from Hadone, UFO95 and more, Mama Told Ya should be a first port of call for all those seeking a fluid and fast-paced element to their music: loosely rooted in techno, with a hat-tip to modern trance-influenced constructions, many releases on the label cater for the 140+BPM market. Wilcox’s tracks shows the label have no plans on deviating from that trend.

And why should they, when the tracks bump so hard? Fitting in with the proven format of three original tracks and a single collaboration with Mama Anetha, Wilcox demonstrates the exact combination of ruthlessness and playful fun that we’ve come to love from the label.

B-side closer ‘BOO.‘ is case-in-point — liquid-fast at over 150 KPH (BPM), yet sparing on harsh sonics and industrial frequencies, Wilcox guides us through a muted world where everything in it hurtles past before the eyes can properly focus on it. Vocal beeps and towering kick-drums are about all we have to go on for the first half anyway, before the track closes out with some dub-style FX processing and all-round intensification, showing a producer unafraid to raise the levels and remain perfectly in control.

‘It’s okay to cry’ is scheduled for release 26 November via Mama Told Ya. Order a copy from Bandcamp


1. Alex Wilcox – Funky Blender
2. Alex Wilcox – RESPOND!
3. Alex Wilcox & Anetha – Paris, Texas
4. Alex Wilcox – BOO.