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Premiere: Raw M.T. – Untitled 4

Following a club-ready four-tracker on Where We Met, Raw M.T. is back with a fresh batch of tracks on a different tip. While the Italian producer and DJ’s previous effort focussed on breaksy techno and electro, ‘Vulvic Planet’ offers a glimpse of different frontiers.

The 8-track release lands on the newly-minted Perty Records. Run by fellow Italian DJ Octopus, the label promises to devote itself to rough-edged electronic music which will be presented monthly on cassette and digitally.

Steeped in a retro-futurist aesthetic, ‘Vulvic Planet’ is perhaps slightly different from what audiences might expect from Raw M.T. Filled with melancholy sketches and hazy electronica, the release explores sounds beyond the dancefloor. Our pick is the glitchy, dusty IDM of ‘Untitled 4’.

‘Vulvic Planet’ is scheduled for release 30 November via Perty Records. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Untitled 1
2. Untitled 2
3. Untitled 3
4. Untitled 4
5. Untitled 5
6. Untitled 6
7. Untitled 7
8. Untitled 8