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Daisart label founder J announces ‘my seat and weep’

Following two recent collaborations with Kansas City’s Ryan Loecker aka mdo as picnic, Melbourne-based producer and Daisart label founder Justin Cantrell will self-release his debut album as J this month, bolstered with re-interpretations from Laila Sakini, Fia Fell, mu tate, Nico Callaghan and Grace Ferguson.

Consisting of 8 solo tracks and 7 remixes, ‘my seat and weep‘ is a deeply pensive album of warm and subtle details, spanning abstract ambient, electro-acoustic, faded piano, strings and radio noise. Strap on your headphones and go out for a walk, this album is a reflective sensation that requires absolute attention.

‘my seat and weep’ is scheduled for release 29 November via Daisart. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. but not in this room
2. my seat and weep
3. yellow leaf flutters on a nail
4. petals (with Emile Frankel) 04:14
5. you take each others breath away by doing something or saying something you never saw coming
6. more room to breathe in (with Angelina Nonaj)
7. picnic – dyed in the wool
8. a healing tear (with Abby Sundborn)