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Gold Panda coins DJ Jenifa alias with free digital album ‘Jag Trax’

Gold Panda has released a free digital album under his new alias DJ Jenifa, which was supposedly inspired by De La Soul’s “Jenifa Taught Me”.

Jag Trax‘ consists of nine on the fly MPC tracks that shimmer with feel good house vibes. Derwin also states that the album was originally intended “to be played at high volume while driving a 2003 Jaguar S-type (silver).”

The tracks featured on the album were made using an Akai MPC1000, Akai MPC2000xl, Roland TR808, Yamaha PSS480, Zoom1201, Bel BD80, Akai MFC42, MFB522, Korg ES1, a Mackie mixer and some other pieces of equipment.

‘Jag Trax’ is out now, grab a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Dresscode
2. Tuesday
3. Trainfilters2
4. MLL
5. Whocares808_7B
6. ES1A31Flora
7. Whyileft122
9. Neverlearn

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