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Gold Panda announces fourth album ‘The Work’

Six years since the release of ‘Good Luck And Do Your Best‘, Gold Panda marks his return to City Slang in November with the release of his fourth long player ‘The Work‘.

Forged in Japan over the past 5 years, ‘The Work‘ serves up an intimate album of MPC plugged beats, sunbeam electronics, traditional Oriental instruments and piano, all blended together with Gold Panda’s deft approach to creating enchanting chords and melodies.

The title of the album refers to Derwin Dicker’s personal struggle with mental health and how he’s dealt with this via therapy, sobriety & focusing on self-care saying fatherhood was the biggest catalyst for change.

“The work is something that’s used in my therapy a lot, and I hear it a lot in self-care and books about mental health – the work on yourself basically. Which I feel like I’ve done with therapy, running, pilates and an osteopath”. More succinctly though, he suggests that the last few years have primarily been about “just, self care and trying to put the work in on myself to see where I’m going wrong and why I might be depressed.”

‘The Work’ is scheduled for release 11 November via City Slang. Order a copy from Bandcamp


1. Swimmer
2. The Dream
3. The Corner
4. The Want
5. I’ve Felt Better (Than I Do Now)
6. Plastic Future
7. New Days
8. I Spiral
9. Arima
10. Chrome
11. Joni’s Room