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Mehmet Aslan lines up debut album ‘The Sun Is Parallel’ on Planisphere Editorial

Following releases on Jennifer Cardini’s imprint Dischi Autunno, Huntleys + Palmers, Emotional Especial and his own label Fleeting Wax, Berlin-based Swiss-Turkish musician Mehmet Aslan lines up his debut album in November on Basel-based imprint Planisphere Editorial.

Consisting of 11 tracks, ‘The Sun Is Parallel‘ is a bold debut LP from Aslan exploring a horde of musical styles and cultures, from Sun Ra via Hauntology, resulting in an entrancing full length of modern electronic rhythms spanning cosmic house, acid funk, psych, Eastern melodies and score-like soundscapes.

The album features percussionist Valentina Magaletti (one-third of Moin) on ‘Garden’. Spanish-born singer Niño de Elche on ‘Tangerine’. Daniel Pankau on guitars and Alican Tezer on drums. It was mastered by Enyang with help on recording by Urbiks Music & Florian Stepper.

‘The Sun Is Parallel’ is scheduled for release 11 November via Planisphere Editorial. Order a copy from Bandcamp

Photo by Robbie Campbell


1. Fountain
2. Domo
3. Rowndbass Acid
4. If I Can Belong Anywhere
5. Tangerine ft. Niño de Elche
6. Tangerine Sun
7. There is No Such Thing As Herkunft
8. Garden ft. Valentina Magaletti
9. Private Soundscape
10. Kakusui
11. Everyone Is Also You