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Idle Hands launch Crowdfunder for new premises in Bristol

Established in 2011 by Chris Farrell, Idle Hands rapidly became Bristol’s go to record store for electronic music, representing both the thriving local scene and championing local and international labels including; Livity Sound, Punch Drunk and their own self-titled imprint.

In a heartfelt statement, Chris Farrell announced the closure of the City Road record store with the aim of maintaining business intermittently by shifting operations online and to eventually source a more central location for a new physical shop in Bristol.

Farrell expressed the reasons for closure was due to a combination of a decline of footfall stemming from the Coronavirus Omicron variant that hit the UK in December 2021, plus increased shipping costs from the EU due to Brexit, all placing Idle Hands into a precarious position that has become unworkable.

However, not all is doom and gloom, Idle Hands have launched a Crowdfunder that is already teetering on achievement to help fund the new premises and to give much needed help and support during the transition.

For those of you that are in Bristol, go visit Idle Hands before the end of August and have a rummage through their Bargain Bin blowout.