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If-Only present Alexis Le-Tan, Woody’92 & Spekki Webu, River Yarra at Five Miles

On Friday 31 May, our likeminded friends at If-Only take control of Five Miles in Tottenham for their next dance off. This time tapping up vital obscura with three potent energies courtesy of Alexis Le-Tan (LYL Radio/Idle Press), Woody NinetyTwo & Spekki Webu (MIRROR ZONE/Theme of Nevermore) and River Yarra (Super Utu/Antinote).

Alexis Le-Tan is a master archivist – lyrical, surreal, and charged, he chronicles the threads between trance, new beat, dub, and kosmiche on his LYL show ‘The Other Side’. Also famous are his edits – notably and recently see his Wonders Ovze World collected on Idle Hands.

Woody’92 & Spekki Webu should be familiar – twin signals brought from deep in the Mirror Zone, the Delft brothers dream real in their Red Light show “the Theme of Nevermore”. Transportive and transcendental, they have a reputation/predilection for the lysergic, and a clutch of hard energy to prove it.

River Yarra makes his debut UK appearance with us at Five Miles. Offbeat oddities and hyper-percussive psychedelia, Raudie’s distinctive brand of trancey, chuggy sonics.