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ItaloJohnson announce their 8th release

ItaloJohnson‘s identity is yet to be revealed, and perhaps it never will. With this they retain simple principles in their sound design and philosophy and their 8th release cements that further; house music with influence drawn directly from a classic style; dance music without deviation or exaggeration.

#08 is aimed for a club system, there’s no doubt about that. The A side sports classic 909 drum sounds with a vocal hook to carry clubbers forward. B1 remins dancefloor friendly whist B2 takes a more spacey approach, loose rhythms with a touch of sweeping pads destined to send party goers loopy.

In keeping with their classic principles, ItaloJohnson releases are vinyl only. If you’re lucky, you can cop the limited 12″ on 5th May.

Discover more about ItaloJohnson on Inverted Audio.