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J. Albert lines up ‘Phase Portrait’ on Towhead Recordings

Following the release of a buoyant trap album from RXK Nephew in May, New York-based imprint Towhead Recordings line up their next full length release, courtesy of local producer J. Albert.

Spanning 12 tracks, ‘Phase Portrait‘ is inspired by footwork, electronica and techno – further extending Jiovanni Nadal’s already distinguished sound, fusing altered 4/4 rhythms, reverb-soaked ambiences and propulsive IDM grooves. As a whole ‘Phase Portrait‘ boasts a convincing futuristic sound, bolstered by the sci-fi cover artwork by Tim Peacock.

Additionally the album contains some subtle hints of inspiration from the annals of electronica, such as the track ‘i know‘, an almost ode to ‘Altbzz‘ as featured on Autechre’s ‘Quaristice‘ LP. Other album highlights include ‘dysmrph‘, ‘Say Something‘, ‘Brick City Acid‘ and ‘edm‘.

‘Phase Portrait’ is scheduled for release 10 December via Towhead Recordings. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. oof
2. untzxz
3. play tough
4. dysmrph
5. Say Something
6. Brick City Acid
7. pda
8. i know
9. Sellect
10. bbyVoice
11. Only That You
12. edm