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Jamie Russell: Hypercolour Records

The Hypercolour quartet consists of Jamie Russell, Alex Jones, Ste Roberts & Ryan Hope. Jamie is otherwise known as Cedric Maison, he is label manager of both Hypercolour and their newly founded sister label Glass Table. For those in the know, Hypercolour is a purveyor of the finest House & Techno.

Jamie has selected his top five record labels, producers and club for 2010, he’s given us his recent mix that he recorded for Teshno, find it in the player and enjoy it.

“I’ve been wanting to do a Glass Table inspired mix for some time now, our new picture disc label, Glass Table is a reference to the table in Alex’s living room. We used to get pretty smashed and just sit around the table signing artists, making business decisions related to the label and just listening to weird, late night / early morning shit from the likes of DJ Koze, Horror Inc etc. So my aim was to bring some of those Glass Table classics into a mix.”

Top 5 Record Labels of 2010

  1. Doppelschall Records
    Doppelschall is run by Brandt, Bauer & Frick. I first got connected with this label via Paul Fricks amazing ‘Favourite Song‘ track (think MJ Cole meets DJ Koze) and Paul sent me his labels promos after that.  The two releases that amazed me most were Dollkrauts ‘Loot’ and Boze Man’s ‘Joe & Tina’ – check my blog to see there videos too which are very interesting! –
  2. Glass Table
  3. Eglo Records
  4. Pampa Records
  5. Numbers

Top 5 Producers of 2010

  1. Floating Points
    It’s been the year of Floating Points, what more can I say? Vacuum Boogie, People’s Potential, Shark Chase, Eglo and 2009’s ‘Love Me Like This‘ which I still love…he’s one of those buy without listening artists!
  2. Joy Orbison
  3. Axel Boman
  4. Kyle Hall
  5. Midland

Top Club of 2010

Motion, Bristol

Been there a few times this year, great lads who run the party, awesome diverse lineups, and always an amazing atmosphere, those west country lot sure know how to have a good time. Unlike London, it’s not about haircuts and winkle pickers. Sneakers, bass and E!

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