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Jay Glass Dubs lines up ‘The Safest Dub’ for Berceuse Heroique

Greek producer Dimitris Papadatos, better known as Jay Glass Dubs, has announced the release of a new 12″ for Berceuse Heroique. His first for the London-based imprint, ‘The Safest Dub‘ is scheduled for release on June 18th and follows a series of well-received releases for labels including Bokeh Versions, The Tapeworm and Seagrave.

Described by the artist as “an exercise of style focusing on a counter-factual historical approach to dub music”, the project has seen Papadatos explore a forward-facing take on the genre that fuses classic dub production methods with a panoply of modern influences, lending his music a dark and minimalistic sound.

Speaking of the release, the label have said: “imagine the beauty of a peak time Sade production in the days when pop could be massive and inventive with some Sly & Robbie voodoo magic from their 80’s pop production. Imagine if the brilliance of an Andrew Weatherall remix in the 90’s could meet with the melancholy of Roedelius. Summer is officially here. Deal with it and get loose with this one.”

‘The Safest Dub’ is scheduled for release June 18th on Berceuse Heroique. Jay Glass Dubs plays live for Bokeh Versions at Farr Festival 2018 on Sunday 8th July alongside Bokeh Edwards, Sunun (live), Peng Sound. Tickets are on sale now.


1. The Warmest Dub
2. The Sweetest Dub
3. The Safest Dub

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