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John Roberts announces fourth album ‘Can Thought Exist Without The Body’ on Brunette Editions

Three years after the release of his latest full-length effort, ‘Plum‘, John Roberts has announced the release of his fourth studio album, ‘Can Thought Exist Without The Body‘, through his own multi-faceted imprint Brunette Editions in October.

Consisting of five modern classical compositions – ‘Can Thought Exist Without The Body‘ marks a return to the piano – the instrument that made the American producer stand out so prolifically on his debut outing ‘Glass Eights‘ on Dial in 2010.

As Autumn billows back into our lives – ‘Can Thought Exist Without The Body‘ is one to comfort the listener on the most bitter of days. Gone are the chugging deep house grooves, replaced with haunting piano arrangements further embellished with wind and string instrumentation provoking an aura of pensive self-reflection.

‘Can Thought Exist Without The Body’ is scheduled for release October 2019. Order a copy via Bandcamp.


1. Eyeline Match
2. Mental Model No. 1
3. Can Thought Exist Without The Body
4. Mental Model No. 2
5. Separate Machines

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