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Premiere: An-i – Malo

Following up to last year’s ‘Flam!‘, Berlin club turned (occasional) record label Sameheads return with the second instalment in their biyearly vinyl comp series. This second volume, amusingly called ‘HOOCH!‘, does a great job of capturing a snapshot of Berlin’s clubbing zeitgeist and features some firm favourites of ours, amongst which former Syracuse member Epsilove and Ohlandy, Neubau mainstay Alexander Arpeggio, as well as slamming industrial techno maestro An-i.

It’s actually the latter’s contribution which we’re proud to share with you today. Sitting in line with the massively banging, tirelessly abrasive sound signature he’s been sculpting through brilliant releases for Minimal Wave offshoot Cititrax and L.I.E.S., Douglas Lee’s volcanic contribution – ‘Malo‘ – roars and throbs with tremor-inducing effect. As a distorted leviathan of a bass convulses across foamy sinewaves and rollercoasting loops, wild drums jack and bang across hazardously erratic beds of playful acid bleepings and altered vox insets. Dopamine stimulator.

HOOCH! is released via Sameheads on 14th September. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


A1. UMLAUT! – Soap
A2. Epsilove & Ohlandy – Chaosmos
A3. Anklepants – Pollen
B1. Alexander Arpeggio & Marlene Stark – Fitnessstudio
B2. An-i – Malo
B3. Franz Scala – Kick The Planet

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