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Premiere: AIR LQD – In Front Of You

Three years on since his outstanding first incursion on the label, ‘Remain Neutral‘, Brussels-based sound alchemist Mehdi Kernachi alias AIR LQD returns to Unknown Precept with his eagerly anticipated debut long-player, ‘Repeat Itself‘.

Mixing science fiction, social criticism and punk ethics in the most cryptic fashion“, the album shows AIR LQD at his most transgressively fascinating. Actually, ‘Repeat Itself‘ very much feels like tripping out in the engine room to the sound of high-velocity piston pumps, screeching distortions and verbed-out rumblings out the fiercest post-apocalyptic nightmare. Clearly one to bend minds by the dozen.

Lifted from that all-engulfing maelstrom of wigged-out machine talk and sizzling aural aberrations, our pick ‘In Front Of You‘ portrays our supposedly advanced society in all its discrepancies and contradictions. Fractalizing the scope to shards of abstract perception, AIR LQD drags us by the scruff of the neck into a world ruled by faceless avatars and new forms of automated, online-dwelling life, allowing us to reflect upon our reality under a whole new – fragmentary – light.

Repeat Itself is released via Unknown Precept on 13th September, pre-order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. About U.F.O.
2. External Mind Fog
3. A Foolish Game
4. Brain Eaters
5. Go Sideways
6. In Front of You
7. Absenteeist
8. Nothing Between
9. Quiet Movement
10. Metalhead
11. Repeat Itself

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