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DJ Richard debuts on Flexxseal with an EBM tinged, blood-curdling acid affair

Flexxseal, the Berlin-based Techno imprint causing a ruckus with Machiavellian machinations, welcome Dial affiliate and White Material co-founder DJ Richard to the label.

Eraser‘ is an EBM tinged, blood-curdling acid affair; ditching the lamenting elegance of his erstwhile Dial albums (‘Grind‘ and ‘Dies Iræ Xerox‘) in favour of over-compression and thumping drums & wild percussion.

If you ever wondered what the lift music would sound like on the way to meet Beelzebub, ‘His Threshing Floor‘ might give you a good idea. The reptilian, bone-crushing synths and booming kick drum are potentially the perfect entry to the oncoming autumnal days.

Over 4 tracks DJ Richard showcases his mechanical manoeuvres by creating cogent sound textures and forceful atmospheres, in preference of previously club-centred 12”s. His stylistic approach to modern dance music incorporates rumbling Exaltics electro, drone-dread in a Ron Morelli style and lo-fi percussion tips straight from Jamal Moss; in ‘Eraser‘ the combination comes together surprisingly nicely. 

‘Eraser’ EP is scheduled for release 11 October 2019 in vinyl format and 25 October in digital format. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Critical Damage
2. Eraser
3. His Threshing Floor
4. Casca’s Theme

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