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John Roberts: Orah EP

The overall feel of this EP is of experimentation and expansion, much like that night when you drank too much, slipped a little of this ‘n’ that, and went off with your oh so good friend…

Dial: All

After over a decade of frantic explorations, tirelessly shedding barks and shaping new sound perspectives via pared down canons, Dial is now up to celebrate its 15th birthday with a high-flying anniversary compilation soberly titled All.

John Roberts: Ausio EP

Almost a year exactly after his latest instalment on Dial, the enthralling ‘Fences’, Roberts is back with one solid three track EP.

John Roberts: Fences

In 2010, Ohio-born John Roberts made an unlikely intrusion onto the house scene. The first American signing to the prestigious Dial imprint, he released his debut
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John Roberts

Ohio-born John Roberts quickly ascended to deep house royalty with his stunning debut album, Glass Eights on Dial. With his new album, Fences, due at the
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