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John Roberts: Orah EP

Synonymous with glitchy house and deeply ambitious works, John Roberts the New York based Dial Records aficionado, has branched out into urban waters for his brand new creative imprint/publishing project Brunette Editions – the ‘Orah EP’ is the first of John’s outputs to be released.

The short two song EP is deceivingly longer through the clambering of opening track ‘Orah’, bearing over 10 minutes of MPC loving, noodling and fiddling, mixed through a haze of Oriental rhythm. John’s really pushing his own sound forward on this, perhaps trying to shape and represent the direction of his Brunette Editions project into the experimental, multi-media faceted piece he wants it to be.

In an effort to stray away from the signature sound he’s so well known for from Glass Eights and Fences, ‘Orah’ still bares the mark of a man who showcases individualism within his work, yet there isn’t anything drastically disparaging or exciting when he’s wading deep into these new waters.

With ‘Orah’ providing more of John’s experimental side and ambience, the second track ‘Renata’ sees him producing more of what you’d come to expect from the man when he wants to smack some sense into the serious debacle of dance-floor friendly grooves. There is another distinctly Eastern feel residing over the influence of ‘Renata’, but with heavier clasps and a whisp of faster-paced drums, there’s much more of a natural movement and finish breathing through it.

The overall feel of this EP is of experimentation and expansion, much like that night when you drank too much, slipped a little of this ‘n’ that, and went off with your oh so good friend… a lot of it felt good at the time – but was it just a one off occasion to dabble in something different? Or with an album on the way towards the end of the year, is it part of a bolder framework and new you…

The Ohra EP sees a release real soon on 4th September 2015. Read our interview with John Roberts about Brunette Editions.


1. Orah
2. Renata

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