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Tambien: Ondulé

Munich-based trio Tambien belong to a rare species of producers. As much at ease with smoothly excursive house slices as they are with further thought-provoking, deeper techno experimentations, Beni, Marvin and Valentino keep honing their very own blend of latin-inflected rhythms and retro-laced synth textures with a particularly compelling floor-intelligence.

Precise in its execution, this new single ”Ondulé‘ for Stuttgart’s Kitjen doesn’t lack soul either. Giving prominence to an overlapping of ethereal, dreamy soundscapes and arpeggiated synth lines tugged through by a fast-moving, forward-driven groove, the title track works a lush and relentless mix of intrepid, deep-rolling atmospherics and no-nonsense club-aptitude.

Cascading crisp, trappy snares and warm synthesized layers interweave in a fluid and extendible 4 / 4 skein, making enough space for loud piano stabs to discharge with full impact before crystalline pads set this cloudy sky of percussions aglow. It’s a bumpy yet exhilarating ride through softly faded motifs, multiplying orientations with various meta drum-patterns, be it fizzy rim-shots or subtle, muffled claps.

Kornél Kovács‘s remix has this delightful end of summer feeling attached to it: imagine bathing yourself in gold-like sunlight while driving a never-ending steep road losing itself in ocean-towering switchbacks, then you tune in and the radio’s pumping that infectious, vintage synth-pop like melody.

His version is clearly more spacious and nostalgic, leaving maximum room to chromatic pads and tickling synth spurts while delivering percussions more scarcely. Strikingly beautiful and instantly catchy, the Stockholm producer’s rendition proves his return to top form this Summer and confirms if needed that when looking for a couple tracks that encompass both heliotropic grooves and challenging deep-house scapes, Tambien counts amongst the finest production groups out there.

Ondulé is out now via Tambien, pick up a vinyl copy from Phonica.


A. Ondulé.
B. Ondulé (Kornèl Kovàcs Remix)

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