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Beesmunt Soundsystem

Amsterdam duo Beesmunt Soundsystem deploy a wide-spanning palette of exotica-infused electronics, toasty grooves and further downtempo oddities sure to warmly offset the harsh cold outside. They also discuss their recent trip to Japan. Lock in, grab a plaid and pour yourself a fresh cup of green tea.

Beesmunt Soundsystem talk up their new EP Aqua Como on Kitjen

Back right in time for open-air action with a choice four-tracker on the quality-driven Kitjen, Beesmunt Soundsystem deliver a dazzling symphony of lushly-textured soundscapes, balearic grooves and organic house beats. We caught up with David and Luigi to find out what makes them tick in and out of the studio.

Igor Tipura

Taking control of our podcast series this week, the Kitjen honcho steps up with a refreshing one-hour mix of beaming deep house, didgeridoo-heavy techno, cosmic funk and African polyrhythms. We also went for a quick fire chat to discuss the label’s raison d’être, his work as a producer and further plans for the future.

Suzanne Kraft: DJ Safety Track

Be it through soothing atmospheric panoramas or tight-strapped floor-apt beats, the inch-perfect adroitness of Herrera in both the arrangement layering and textural carving will sure leave a memorable mark.

Best Releases: March 2016

From Low Jack’s massive new LP on the ever-vanguard Modern Love to DJ Slyngshot’s debut effort out of the Yappin circle for the newborn Place No Blame, onto Suzanne Kraft’s summer-flavored ‘DJ Safety Track’ for Stuttgart’s finest Kitjen, there’s been full flocks of nuggets flying aplenty. Here’s our recap.

Tambien: Ondulé

When looking for a couple tracks that encompass both heliotropic grooves and challenging deep-house scapes, Tambien counts amongst the finest production groups out there.