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Premiere: Stijn Sadée – Ikebana

2017 was the year of breakthrough for Utrecht-based rising star Stijn Sadée. After appearing on a few VAs for Amsterdam labels XXX and Bordello A Parigi, the Dutch producer eventually steps up with his anticipated debut solo effort on Stuttgart’s Kitjen, ‘Affetto‘, due out June 11.

If it’s the first time you come across Sadée’s name and music, think high levels of organic lushness tinged with a healthy dose of Asian folk music tropes, all woven around elastic deep house melodic templates. Taking you for a deep, meditative and dancy journey across a fantasized Japan reminiscent of Hokusai’s oneiric etchings, this one spams the auditive G spot with relish.

True to its title, our premiere ‘Ikebana‘ melds the finesse and elegance of the Japanese floristry with the atmospheric opaqueness of smoke-filled opium dens. The inch-perfect attention given to the textural arranging of each and every percussion, wind instrument or chimes, and the subtle game of echoes and endless harmonic reflections they create, is purely astonishing. A finespun, porcelain-enameled master stroke from one of the Netherland’s most promising talents.

Affetto is released via Kitjen on 11th June, pre-order a copy from Juno.


A1. Affetto
A2. Ikebana
A3. Nacht
B1. Affetto (Gerd Janson Precious Hall Mix)

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