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Carsten Jost, DJ Richard, Efdemin, Pawel, RNDM all feature on Dial’s 15th Anniversary compilation ‘All’

Dial have revealed details about the labels 15 year anniversary various artists compilation, named “All”, scheduled for release on 25th May 2015.

The compilation features 15 exclusive tracks, including brand new contributions from Dial regulars Efdemin, Roman Flügel, Pantha Du Prince, John Roberts, Pawel, Christian Naujoks and Scott Mou aka Queens, whose LP ‘End Times‘ appeared on the label in 2013.

Curated by Lawrence, Carsten Jost, Bianca Heuser and Efdemin, the collection will also extend beyond the classy deep house the label is best known for, with tracks from friends of Dial such as Stefan Tcherepnin, James K, Physical Therapy and Dawn Mok exploring the further reaches of the label’s diverse soundscape.

White Material’s DJ Richard also makes an appearance, with the compilation marking his Dial debut ahead of a full-length album on the label in September.

‘All’ will appear on CD and digital formats in addition to a three-part 12″ vinyl release and will be supported by a Dial tour throughout 2015. ‘All’ is out on 25th May 2015. Order a copy from Kompakt.fm.


1. Christian Naujoks – For A While
2. Stefan Tcherepnin – I Want To Be Art
3. Roman Flügel – In Your Wardrobe
4. RNDM – Summer Smile
5. Carsten Jost – My Confession
6. Lawrence – Chez Dupont
7. John Roberts – Paloma
8. Pawel – All Nearness Pauses
9. Efdemin – No Exit
10. DJ Richard – Zero
11. Physical Therapy – Market Crash
12. Pantha Du Prince – Timeout On The Rocks
13. Queens – Earth Angel
14. James K – S Lush
15. Dawn Mok – Like Thoughts Or Moments We’ll Fall



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