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John Roberts To Release ‘Ausio’ EP On Dial

John Roberts returns to Dial Records with ‘Ausio’, his fourth EP for the Berlin based record label.

‘Ausio’ features three tracks that display a slight step away from the usual left-field characteristics seen in previous work, with a more dance floor friendly approach apparent throughout.

The title track is an assured, big room soundscape that opens the EP with a real sense of arrival. The second track ‘Indigo’ hints back to previous work; a raw analogue sound with driven percussion and delicate textual layers. The final track ‘Faces’ is quintessentially John Roberts; complex rhythms presented with an elegant blend of juxtaposing mechanical and organic sounds exemplify an attuned relationship between textures that Roberts uses throughout.

The Ausio EP shows interesting development in his production style and is an excellent follow up from his highly accomplished full-length effort ‘Fences’ last year on Dial. Following on from this EP, we hope to see more from the Ohio born producer and welcome the particularly more club focussed sound presented here with open arms.

John Roberts Ausio EP is out in May 2014 on Dial Records.


1. Ausio
2. Indigo
3. Faces

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