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K-Lone to perform ‘Cape Cira’ album live on Inverted Audio

To celebrate the release of K-Lone’s debut album on Wisdom Teeth, Inverted Audio will broadcast a live from lockdown performance of ‘Cape Cira‘ via Facebook at 12:00 BST on Friday 8 May.

Having gained notoriety for crafting subtle bangers, steady bops and wicked shit on labels including; Soundman Chronicles and Idle Hands, K-Lone released his debut album ‘Cape Cira‘ in April offering eight tracks veering further afield than the wonkier garage and 2-step releases that he’s particular to.

Now we get the rare opportunity to see K-Lone perform his new album live. In order to watch the live stream, head over to our Facebook – Like & Subscribe.


1. Yelli
2. Cocoa
3. Palmas
4. Honey
5. Cape Cira
6. Bluefin
7. In The Pines
8. Happened