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Kairogen propels a kinetically-charged mix for Newtype Rhythms

Newtype Rhythms returns with a kinetically-charged episode, introducing Glasgow’s Kairogen, a burgeoning producer renowned for her immensely impressive sound design alongside her intensive DJ sets.

Kairogen’s journey into music began serendipitously during her time at art school when a perceptive lecturer suggested creating a sonic masterpiece for an installation project. Fueled by her love for club culture, she immersed herself in Detroit techno and electronic music, shaping her musical identity.

Her formative years involved crafting album art and diving into the iconic Sub Club’s vibrant scene, providing insights into electronic music while nurturing her unique musical tastes. Influenced by peak-time music, she explored sounds on the fringes of traditional dance music, echoing the dramatic moments found in DJ sets.

That spark of drama is strewn throughout her guest mix, brimming with excitement and innovation – all while acknowledging her thoughtfulness toward shaping sonic tapestries as an immersive experience. Her enthralling mix for Newtype Rhythms starts at around the 41-minute mark, with resident Sheepshead amping up the energy in the interim.


00:00 – 41:12 – mixed by Sheepshead

1. Packed Rich – Transcending
2. Priori & Al Wootton – The Bell With The Wooden Tongue
3. Karen – Raz
4. Toumba – Hazzeh
5. Farrago – Hidden Power
6. Douster – Coelophysis
7. IMOGEN & Ben Pest – Shibooty
8. Ben Sims – Arena Of The Unwell
9. Strict Face – Bubble Busts
10. Tomas Urquieta – 32 Balas (Rhyw’s Double Dribble Remix)
11. DJ Boss – Medziposchodny
12. Dawn Razor & Confluence – New Born

41:29 – END – mixed by Kairogen

1. Malin Genie – Ample Road Whose Dust Is Gold
2. RIGSON – Princess of Disks (IN2STELLAR’S Space Dub for the Club)
3. Mittens – Groove Bait
4. Goodbye Mirage – Cataphracts Liberty (Taden’s Interpretation)
5. Silverlining – System Error
6. Basic Channel – Axis
7. Mood II Swing – Move Me
8. Ryft – World Ripper
9. Ackermann – Dream Free (Luke Hess Remix)
10. Andreas Saag vs Samuel L Session – Koolaid (SLS Soul Food Mix)
11. Stojche – Granada