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Kosta Athanassiadis aka XDB lines up debut album on Dial

Following the release of ‘Genuine Silk‘ LP in April, Dial continue their 20 year celebrations with their second album release of the year from longtime friend and label companion XDB.

It has been 14 years since XDB self-released his debut ‘Jackintosh‘ EP through Metrolux Music – now he finally steps up to deliver his long-overdue ‘Inspiron’ LP, offering nine tracks of exquisite late night deep house and lucid techno that has become synonymous with the revered DJ and producer.

‘Inspiron’ is scheduled for release 23 October via Dial. 

Photo by Rob Kulisek
Album cover by Nairy Baghramian


1. Prelude
2. Moveya
3. Endo
4. Transitions
5. Lopak Robot Ocean
6. Dial Fonk
7. Mystic AV
8. Desert Night
9. Ortago