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Aleqs Notal

Up this week in our mix series, ClekClekBoom affiliate Aleqs Notal offers a full-scope vision of his subtle blends of Afrobeat-imbued polyrhythms, classic US house and boogie-splattered floor mechanics. Time to get down!

Coni: Comfort Zone EP

While some could argue that the Parisian has for too long lurked in the shadows of other peers and predecessors, Comfort Zone will surely leave no doubt in his stylistic capabilities, unleashing a four track EP of ghetto house goodness.


Coni recently released his new ‘Comfort Zone EP‘ on ClekClekBoom. We invited Coni to record a mix and discuss his new record, musical heritage and involvement with the ClekClekBoom collective. Coni also discusses his studio setup, approach to production and his experience of London.