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In the studio with Stump Valley

Ahead of Stump Valley’s next release on Amsterdam based imprint Dopeness Galore we caught up with Alex and Francesco in Berlin to better understand the duo’s singular trajectory as they discuss the project’s steady evolution and wide-ranging influences, the gradual disappearance of record stores and the question of secrecy in music.

Best Releases: March 2016

From Low Jack’s massive new LP on the ever-vanguard Modern Love to DJ Slyngshot’s debut effort out of the Yappin circle for the newborn Place No Blame, onto Suzanne Kraft’s summer-flavored ‘DJ Safety Track’ for Stuttgart’s finest Kitjen, there’s been full flocks of nuggets flying aplenty. Here’s our recap.

Jordan GCZ: Fission Transmission

If you consider music to be the most boundless, universal vehicle of any languages, wait for this to transport you into territories you’re not about to visit anywhere else.

Magic Mountain High

Magic Mountain High is a collaboration between David Moufang aka Move D, Gal Aner and Jordan Czamanski aka Juju & Jordash. As Magic Mountain High they’ve
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