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Magic Mountain High

Magic Mountain High is a collaboration between David Moufang aka Move D, Gal Aner and Jordan Czamanski aka Juju & Jordash. As Magic Mountain High they’ve released one record on Workshop Records entitled ‘Workshop xx‘, which was recorded a year ago at Move D’s studio. All three tracks are based on live jams and improvisations in the studio, similar to how Magic Mountain High perform on stage, but made shorter so as to fit on vinyl.

Ahead of Magic Mountain High’s London performance on Saturday 9th March for Phonica and ReviveHER alongside Vakula and Maurice Fulton we caught up with Gal and Jordan for a short interview, where we discuss Freerotation, their live setup and how they manage to work together despite geographical differences. This Inverted Audio mix is a recording of the trio playing live at Panoramabar in September 2012, with guest vocals by Eric D Clark and when we say live, we mean 100% live, no cheats, no edits just the plain truth.

I guess it’s fair to say that your relationship stems from Freerotation – can you explain how important this festival is for the electronic music culture and for the development of Magic Mountain High?

Jordan: Freerotation is my favourite festival. David kind of brought us in to the Freerotation family and introduced us to Steevio and Suzy B. We’ve played there once as Juju & Jordash and once with Move D as Magic Mountain High so far.

Move D has been a resident of Freerotation since the beginning (2008), whilst Gal and Jordan you started in 2010 and are now also residents. What does it mean to you to be part of this tight knitted community?

Jordan: We’re not residents yet…

You’re not based in the same city, David is in Berlin and you’re in Amsterdam, how do you go about creating music together without using digital means of communication?

Juju: We record all our music when we all have time to meet, either in David’s or our studio. Later on we can take it to further mixing and editing if needed, but the raw material is all done together.

Magic Mountain High is dedicated to live improvised performances. What do you each play when performing?

Juju: As a starting point Jordan is our keyboard/synth player and usually plays a Juno 60, DX11 and a couple more synths that would vary depending on the venue, as well as melodica.

David usually takes care of a TB303, TR606, SH101, 808 Miami and a synth or two more.

I’m in charge of the TR707, R8 and usually TR909 drum machines, as well as some guitar. During the show we have the option to switch a bit, and to also be doing the live mixing on the board.

I don’t know if you’ve watched this but Blawan’s and Pariah’s performance on Boiler Room as Karenn was mightily impressive. Do you warrant their live setup and approach to performing their brand of techno in this manner?

Juju: We’re not really familiar with this live act yet

Last year you released Magic Mountain High’s debut record on Workshop entitled ‘Workshop XX’ – When and where did you create the tracks on the record? Is it all live or programmed?

Juju: The tracks were recorded about a year ago in David’s studio. All three of them are based on live jams/improvisation in the studio, similar to what we do on stage, only we could go longer of course in the studio about each idea, and later cut it shorter for the final version.

You’re playing in London alongside Vakula at Revive Her x Phonica. What can we expect/look forward to from your performance?

Juju: I expect a wild, wild night, with a lot of the ‘unexpected’ pouring from the speakers

Are you bringing any special instruments?

Juju: Everything discussed earlier and a couple of “newer” toys like the Poly800 MK2. Wait and see.