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Watch the teaser for Yann Leguay’s ‘Headcrash’ on Vlek

If Brussels-based label Vlek has made a name for itself pushing for future-ready sonics and new, unwonted forms of audio and visual expressions, their new release doesn’t depart from such transcending postulates, with French producer Yann Leguay taking the helm for a one-off symphony of hard-drive harmonics. Watch the teaser now.

Baleine 3000: The Nap

This EP – or whatever you want to call it – is indicative of Vlek’s deconstructive/reconstructive spirit. The Nap is a product fusing just about every beloved vinyl-based format: Its 7 tracks gives the sense of an LP, the 20-minute duration suggests otherwise, and an 8-minute track on the entirety of the B side whiffs strongly of a 12” single.