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Leafar Legov, Jordan GCZ, Katie Drover, Lawrence, Bachelor Kisses round up DIAL 2020 (IV)

Dial wind up their jubilee year celebrations with a surprise fourth edition of DIAL 2020, featuring Leafar Legov, Jordan GCZ, Katie Drover, Lawrence, Siarem + Estrato Aurora and Bachelor Kisses aka J*rn Elling Wuttke.

Originally announced as a three-part compilation curated by Lawrence and Carsten Jost, DIAL 2020 has featured a who’s who of the imprints close friends and alumni, which is beyond impressive when you cast your eyes back on it.

The likes of Tracey, Lerosa, Anton Kubikoz, Siamak Amidi, DJ Jus-Ed, Irakli, Christopher Ledger, Whodat, Yone-Ko, Jacques Bon & Drux, Soela, DDrhode, Joey Anderson, Lanoche, Mary Yalex, Molly, XDB have all contributed tracks on previous editions. We just wish they would press this all to wax.

DIAL 2020 (IV) is scheduled for release on 11 December via Dial in digital format only. Order a copy from Bandcamp.

Cover artwork by Marina Faust


1. Leafar Legov – Melting
2. Jordan GCZ – Tongue Twister
3. Katie Drover – Something Other
4. Lawrence – Pinches
5. Katie Drover – Precarious
6. Siarem & Estrato Aurora – Acacio
7. Bachelor Kisses – Brighter Than The Sun