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QRTR supplies a lucent guest mix for Newtype Rhythms

Our sister podcast series Newtype Rhythms returns this week with a bright and buoyant mix from Brooklyn-based producer QRTR; an artist that has been on the come-up domestically and internationally – most notable with her debut LP, “Drenched” released on Dome of Doom earlier this year.

Imbued with oceanic hues , sea-breeze swirls of whimsy and an invitation to submerge towards uncharted territories, QRTR engulfs listeners with a unique blend of personable sonic warmth and contemplative charm with her unique influences.

Along with her LP, she has kept busy in 2020, contributing a remix for indie group Supertaste as well as continuing to work on her burgeoning .WAVCAVE imprint, with an EP from NY-based producer CSLTY released just last month. In between all that, she contributed an exuberant guest mix for Newtype Rhythms, highlighting the steady, emotive escalation that is present in all her productions.

Be on the lookout for a lead track from another fellow artist on .WAVCAVE, as well as bits by the likes of Jacques Greene, Max Cooper and Damian Lazarus – QRTR’s mix starts at 46 minutes in [with a nice message in tow], as resident Sheepshead starts things up with some house and garage in the interim.


00:00 – 46:22 – Mixed by Sheepshead

1. Chinatsu Yamamoto – Air & Stars (Another Version)
2. Pugilist – Your Doing It Wrong
3. Otik – EVOL
4. Kowton & Parris – Deep Concentration (Kowton Mix)
5. Ayesha – Liminality
6. Walton – Horn
7. 24 Hour Experience – Allnighter
8. R.I.P. Productions – Deeper Inspiration
9. The Sample Choir – Feelin’ Lonely
10. Jeremy Sylvester – Lush (Moonlight Dub)
11. T. Williams – Days End
12. Club Asylum – Club Steppin (Original Mix)
13. Nu-Birth – Anytime (Crazy Bank Mix)

46:38 – END – mixed by QRTR

1. QRTR – DRIVER (brAAAden Remix)
2. Petit Biscuit – Gwana (Original Mix)
3. Juno Mamba – Flicker
4. Mild Minds – DESTINATIONS (Jacques Greene Remix)
5. Jaymie Silk – Same for Me
6. WhereIsFenix – HnDrXx
7. Ólafur Arnalds – ypsilon (Max Cooper Remix)
8. Madwreck – Don’t Ever Go
9. Session Victim – Cow Palace
10. Dachshund – As If By Magic
11. Dark Sky – Badd
12. Ross from Friends – Talk To Me You’ll Understand
13. Foans – Witness
14. D. Tiffany – Something About You
15. Kamandi – Weekend Crender
16. DJ Planet Express – Modified
17. Disclosure – Ce n’est pas (Axel Boman Remix)
18. Glows – Passing Talk
19. Damian Lazarus – Leave (Original Mix)
20. coffintexts – initial contact
21. So Inagawa – Ouin
22. QRTR – Little Pills (feat. Blake Skowron)