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Lee Evans weaves biophysics with modular synthesis on ‘Aphasic Forest’ LP

Following the release of ‘Animist Pools‘ LP in 2016 under his Hippies Wearing Muzzles alias, modular synthesist Lee Evans marks his return to Human Pitch with his fifth album ‘Aphasic Forest‘.

Derived from the word “Aphasia”, a condition characterised by loss of language, the album and its title imply a sense of liberation from order and structure. ‘Aphasic Forest‘ is an upward spiral through a scattering of new symbols of meaning.

Biomimicry is a central theme in Evans’ work from sound design to auto-compositional process and arrangement. Evans sets the parameters for sounds to exist and carry out a life of their own. It’s hard to decipher what is planned in the natural unfurling of the ecosystem, but a sense of lightness in the interplay of every tone and texture suggests the happiest of accidents.

‘Aphasic Forest’ LP is scheduled for release via Human Pitch on 8 May. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Puss Caterpillar
2. Senoi Dream Theory
3. Ramesside Dream Manual
4. Orang Bunian
5. Twin Lake
6. Holotropic Breathwork
7. Aphasic Forest/Pomimo Taxi
8. Big Masonic
9. Orang Bunian (Reprise)
10. Orang Kosmische