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Listen back to Peder Mannerfelt’s propulsory mix for Newtype Rhythms

Family grows fast before your very eyes and that’s how we feel when it comes to our sister mix series Newtype Rhythms. Established in December of last year, the Brooklyn-based radio show on Newtown Radio came onto our radar with its unique set of special guests ranging from the likes of Stenny & Andrea (Ilian Tape) to PTU (трип) and shortly thereafter, incorporated it into our regular [almost] weekly programming.

Resident and curator Sheepshead has always looked at things a bit left-of-centre, obtaining mixes from Toshiya Tsunoda and Si Begg that veered towards more extraordinary directions while balancing it out with banging guest bits from Mella Dee and xxxy. However, for the 25th edition of the show the invitation was extended to someone who epitomizes the extraordinary aspects of the previous shows all while providing a pulsating injection of rave regalia Peder Mannerfelt.

There’s so much to say about Mannerfelt and yet there’s probably not enough time, because knowing him he’s bound to put some amazing record or remix by the time this gets published onto the site. The Swedish producer has always been impressive; whether it be his works with Fever Ray, Glasser or Van Rivers (under his former pseudonym, The Subliminal Kid). Mannerfelt’s stock has skyrocketed between his collaborative project Roll The Dice and his own solo productions.

Between his own label Peder Mannerfelt Produktion, releases on Numbers, Stockholm LTD and The Trilogy Tapes the man has yet to have taken a breath to prove that he’s human. Eager to prove he’s probably half-machine (or even full machine, who knows) Mannerfelt was eager to contribute to the series with his signature twists and turns along the way. Be sure to peer into his forthcoming remix for Special Request towards the end of mix – track list for the whole show below.


00:00 – 47:29 – Mixed by Sheepshead

01. Ryuichi Nakamoto – Assembly
02. Skee Mask – Routine
03. Kowton – A Bluish Shadow
04. Tin Man – Dripping Acid
05. Inga Mauer – Dno
06. Rising Sun – Lament
07. Lo Shea – Let’s Roll
08. Trevino – DolDrums
09. Yan Cook – Dialogue
10. Headless Horseman – Widow’s Peak
11. Shlømo – Hardwave
12. Special Request – Take Me
13. Ryan James Ford – Salmo
14. Pangaea – Fatalist

47:30 – END – Mixed by Peder Mannerfelt

01. Sick of It All – Step Down
02. Shinichi Atobe – Regret
03. Ossia & Cera Khin – Heavy Feet Heavy Eyes
04. The Subliminal Kid – Big-T
05. Make Them Remember – Schacke
06. Randomer – Foghorn
07. NKC – Puncture
08. Clora – Augmented Reality
09. Spaceman 3 – Feel So Sad
10. Speedy J – Pullover
11. Teresa Winter – Anatomie De Lenfer
12. Juniper – Indigo Children
13. Broken English Club – Wreck
14. SND – 01:47:69
15. Stephen Brown – Jackin’ Off
16. Bernhardt – Posture (Denham Audio Remix)
17. Maenad Veyl – LXXVII
18. Special Request – Real (Peder Mannerfelt Remix)
19. Les Visiteurs Du Soir – Je T`ecris D`un Pays
20. Zuli – CommProto
21. Caterina Barbieri – Remote Calabrian

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