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Listen back to Antepop’s Easter Special radio mix on Balamii

Yesterday Antepop hosted Inverted Audio’s March residency on Balamii Radio, presenting a 2-hour live radio mix venturing through atmospheric dub techno, deep house and raw techno. The mix was recorded using vinyl only.

For copyright purposes the Soundcloud version has been edited, removing the introduction by British comedian Peter Sellers. The full version of the show can be downloaded here or streamed on Mixcloud.


1. Peter Sellers – The Trumpet Volunteer [E.M.I.]
2. Sa Pa – Epiphanic [Forum]
3. STL – Ghostly Ambit [Smallville Records]
4. AntonZap – Miles and More [Apollo Records]
5. Gadi Mizrahi – She Only Looks At You [Spectral Sound]
6. Chrisopher Rau – Da Toms [Derive]
7. Mikklel Metal – Cassini [Tartelet Records]
8. Roza Roza – B1 There [Mörk]
9. Mathias Kaden – Kawaba Ft. Tomomi Ukumori (DJ Koze’s Kosi-San Remix) [Vakant]
10. Rau – Herbstens [Giegling Staub]
11. Kris Wadsworth – Mainline (Jimmy Edgar Remix) [Hypercolour]
12. Levon Vincent – Woman Is The Devil [Deconstruct]
13. Roza Roza – A1 Here [Mörk]
14. Annanan – Fear And Love (feat. Ennalow) [LL.M.]
15. An-I – Kino I (Dub) [Minimal Wave]
16. Four Legs – Aguire [The Trilogy Tapes]
17. Foreign – Baroc 005 [BAROC]
18. Rezzett – Yayla [The Trilogy Tapes]
19. Autechre – Drone [Warp Records]

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