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Peak Oil line up cassette album from Low End Activist

Following 2023’s ‘Gossip is the Devil’s Radio‘ EP, UK grime producer Low End Activist is set to debut on Los Angeles imprint Peak Oil with ‘Airdrop‘.

Peak Oil, a label responsible for some of this century’s finest experiments in refracted rave, dub techno, and glitchy IDM, is the ideal landing spot for ‘Airdrop‘. Nestled between the frayed beats of Paperclip Minimiser and the hypbernation pod dub of Purelink, Low End Activist sprawls out and explores the cavernous intersections of grime and rave.

The collection spans 9 tracks of “skeletal hardcore, pointillist drum n bass, and deprivation chamber dub” which synthesizes Low End Activist’s love of 90’s rave, dubstep, and bass music. Less of a nostalgia sheened retrospective on the genre, ‘Airdrop’ distills their influences and pushes their sound into more complex terrain and emerges with a puzzling yet compelling album.

‘Airdrop’ is scheduled for release on 12th April via Peak Oil. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Airdrop 01 (Waterstock) 1
2. Airdrop 02 (Yarnton Rd 2 Cassington)
3. Airdrop 03 (Mayhem On Barton Hill)
4. Airdrop 04 (Squeeze Yer Lemon)
5. Airdrop 05 (White Horse Hill)
6. Airdrop 06 (Praha Hardcore)
7. Airdrop 07 (Tango Skit)
8. Airdrop 08 (Hinksey Hardcore)
9. Airdrop 09 (Cortina Outro)

Low End Activist Airdrop Tape 2