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Hoverist releases ‘Expansion Chamber’ cassette on Image Research

Los Angeles based producer Hoverist (Alston Palmer) follows up his 2021 release ‘Universal Veil‘ with ‘Expansion Chamber‘, his latest 4-track collection of IDM laced ambient house for Florida based record label Image Research.

Image Research was founded in 2020 and has put out a steady flow of full-lengths, compilations, and digital singles from founder Akasha System and like-minded producers exploring the outer boundaries of tripped out eco-techno.

Combining richly textured ambient house with IDM and downtempo flourishes, ‘Expansion Chamber’ puts a fresh coat of sonic paint on classic electronica tropes. The fluorescent sound bubbles with a technicolor sheen and makes for excellent electronics that grow and flourish with each listen.

‘Expansion Chamber’ is scheduled for release on 1st March via Image research. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Light Echo
2. Félicette
3. Torus
4. Coronal

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